Headache Relief - Rochester, NY

Do you struggle with headaches and live in the Rochester, NY area? We would like to help! 

Headaches are common but you should never accept them as normal. Headaches are NOT normal. Our office has been helping headache patients find relief for over 10 years. Many of those people had been having headaches for so long, they had no hope of ever getting out of pain. 

In fact, Dr. Bechard is a former headache sufferer himself. Debilitating headaches were on of the reasons he first went to a chiropractor. Thankfully he found relief and so can you.


The Cause of Headaches

There are a lot of reasons that people suffer with headaches. Headaches can be caused from something as simple as dehydration or something more severe thing like a tumor. But don't worry. For the vast majority of people I can confidently say what Arnold Schwarzenegger once said "It's not a tumor."

Regardless the type of headaches you have, most likely there isn't one single cause. Your headaches are probably coming from a combination of things, and the reason you haven't found the relief you are looking for is because you are missing something.

Most headache sufferers don't realize how much their neck has to do with their headache pain. Muscle tightness, "text neck", poor posture and neck misalignments are HUGE problems for headache sufferers. In fact, if your neck is ever sore or you can push in with your fingers and find any tightness in the muscles along the base of your skull and upper neck, I can promise you that your neck has a lot to do with your headaches.

Ultimately, we would love the opportunity to help you find the headache relief you deserve. When you come in for your first appointment, you will have a consultation and exam with Dr. Jerry  that is specifically designed to uncover the cause of your headaches. If we can help, we will recommend the most conservative and effective care for your unique situation.

So contact us today schedule your first visit. You will be glad you did.

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