Neck pain relief - Rochester, NY

Are you suffering from neck pain and live in the Rochester area? We would like to help. Neck pain is fast becoming the second largest complaint for pain in the adult US population. Two thirds of the population will experience neck pain in some form within their lifetime. Pain lasting for 2 days or more, or repeat episodes on a monthly basis usually indicates a problem that requires consultation with a specialist. For most people this problem is very common and very treatable. 


Causes for neck pain

The reasons for neck pain are varied in both complexity and severity. Usually the causes that chiropractic can help with are from muscles fatigued and strained from poor postures, irritation in one of the discs in the cervical spine, or joints that have lost mobility from long term changes in motion through the neck, middle back, shoulders, or lower back. Nerve irritation in the neck can also lead to pain both in the neck and arms or middle back. 

These problems have been having a drastic rise due to our increase in the demand of work force computer use and the rise in the use of handheld technology. Regardless, neck pain that lasts for a long period of time or is suddenly severe should always be evaluated, as there are more serious reasons for neck pain that need to be ruled out. 

Ultimately the reason you have not found relief is you lack the proper plan of care to properly address the issue. We would love the opportunity to provide insight to your problem and give you the tools required to overcome. When you come in for your first appointment, you will have an extensive consultation and exam performed with either of our doctors that is specifically designed to pinpoint the reasons that you are suffering from neck pain. If we can help, we will offer the most conservative and effective plan for your situation. 

So contact us today to schedule your first visit. You will be glad you did.

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