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About us

Mt Hope Chiropractic and Wellness uses Chiropractic, soft tissue, and home care techniques to ensure our patients get the best possible results. We have a variety of treatment options available that have allowed us to help people of all ages and activity levels - from young elite track athletes to senior citizens - who are suffering from chronic pain.  

We pride ourselves on helping each of our patients get out of pain and maximize their function as quickly as possible by using the latest evidence-based Chiropractic and functional methods. We focus on providing insight into your problem and helping you to make small, easy changes in your life to help you function and feel better.


[11/29] Dr. rupina will be off for the month of December. When she returns in January, she will be full time!  Congratulations dr. rupina!

[11/29] Dr. Rob will return for limited hours on Tuesday mornings.

[11/29] Dr. Phil has returned for half days on thursdays and every other saturday (starting 12/1)

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