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Orange Zone Lifted - Full Massage Services Restored

- With the lifting of the Orange Zone restrictions in NYS, Massage Therapy will be restored to full time, full availability.

- There are no restrictions on who can come for Massage Therapy as of this point.

- Masks are still required.  We are still observing full coronavirus safety protocols including distancing, hand washing, sanitizing and mask wearing.  We are maintaining the same in office protocols as before the Orange Zone was lifted.  We ask patients to please wait outside and call before coming into the office.  If you come in without calling, we reserve the right to make you go back and wait in your car. 

- Massage Therapy services online bookings are restored as of this point, with one slight change.  To help us manage the increasing volume, massage appointments are going to be a requested time rather than a booking.  When you book online, it sends a request for that date and time to us, which we either approve or decline.  Visits will not be declined, but we may reach out to you with slight alterations in timing to help us manage the schedule more efficiently.

- If you have any questions about these procedures or protocols, please feel free to reach out to us at the phone number or email listed at the bottom of this page.


Orange Zone Protocol

- Chiropractic is still open in orange zones as a designated essential healthcare business.  Chiropractic will remain open even if our area becomes designated as a red zone, although we will be enacting a stricter patient visit protocol in that instance.  Check back here or check our facebook page for more information if our area goes Red.

- Massage Therapy is now only available to those demonstrating medical necessity.  Our office will be requiring a letter of medical necessity for all massage clients until our area is out of the orange zone as designated by NYS.  Ask your chiropractor or MD for a letter of medical necessity to continue massage therapy in our office.  If you have any questions about this policy, please contact the office and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

- HEPA air filters have been placed in each chiropractic treatment room and massage therapy room.  These filters grab and retain 99.94-99.97% of all airborne water droplets that viral particles can attach to.  This is a backup measure to mask wearing.

- Patients are to wait in their car until it is time for their appointment.  There is no waiting inside for appointments.  If you enter before being called or waved in, we will kindly ask you to wait outside.  As an added disinsentive to waiting inside, we will be playing the same Christmas song on repeat for the entire month of December.  You've been warned.


- We have installed a UV filter in our HVAC system.  The purpose of this system is to kill any airborne germs that get pulled through the ventilation.  We also open doors and windows to swap out air with the outdoors on a regular basis.  Small fans will be in each chiropractic and massage treatment room and will be left on continuously in order to continue circulating air and pushing it into the vents where the UV filter will kill anything and everything that goes by.  We will also treat chiropractic patients with the treatment room door open as often as possible, to make sure the air continues to move.

- Online scheduling now only requires 2 hours to sign up for a visit, and 24 hours to reschedule/cancel.




- If you have an appointment, we are asking for you to follow this simple protocol for when you arrive.  Please call the office when you arrive and then wait in your car.  If nobody answers, it's because we're treating another patient.  We are operating without support staff to minimize person to person contact.  We will hear the phone ring and see who it was and know you are here.  When we are done treating, we will call you back and let you know it's time to come in.  Come in, go directly to the bathroom and wash your hands, and then put on a home made mask that will be laid out on the front desk.  We will then bring you back into the treatment room.

- Lastly, we must stress that there is absolutely no evidence that chiropractic care has any effect whatsoever on the immune system.  The only way we can help keep you from getting sick is to limit your exposure to other people.  Period. Chiropractic has never been demonstrated to have an effect on the body's ability to fight infections or disease, so don't believe anyone who tells you otherwise.

Best wishes,
Dr. Rob DeNero and the Mt. Hope Chiropractic team

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