In keeping with the spirit of helping people stay moving so they can enjoy their lives pain-free, our office is performing free functional screenings and gait analysis for a limited time. Whether you're in pain or not getting the results you want from exercise, this can be a great way to get a closer look at what is causing your problem.


Becoming pain-free starts with your first visit


Complete required paperwork

Prior to your visit, you will be required to fill out the necessary forms before the doctor can see you. You can access these forms ahead of time at home to save some time in the office. You can find these forms here.


What you need to bring

Loose fitting clothing is often more helpful, as you will be going through a number of movements to understand your problem. 


What to expect

Prepare for your first visit to take around 60 minutes. You will speak at length to your doctor about the pain you're experiencing. The first visit also includes an extensive physical and neurological examination. By the end of your visit you should:

  • Understand the source of your problem

  • Understand how long it generally takes to get better

  • Outline your treatment plan

  • Feel encouraged to return to normal activities when the time is appropriate

Your first treatment

It is normal that you will begin treatment on the first visit. Often this includes gentle movements on dysfunctional areas that are diagnosed through your exam, as well as a number of detailed instructional exercises that will aid you in between visits. Short impulses may also be applied to joints that may cause a "pop" or "click".  Overall this will help:

  • Improve movement and balance

  • Increase strength and confidence

  • Reduce pain and muscle spasm

  • Restore Optimal function