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Our Story
Est. 2016

Robert DeNero

Owner and Chiropractor

Get to Know Us

Mt Hope Chiropractic & Wellness opened its doors in 2016 on Mt Hope Ave in Rochester, NY. We are a privately owned medical and wellness office focused on individualized chiropractic care. Over the last 7+ years we have incorporated massage as a complement to the care our doctors provide. Our providers are dedicated to providing care based on each patient's personal needs. Chiropractic care and massage therapy are not "one size fits all", every body is different and requires care that reflects those differences and our model of care is based on this approach.

In November of 2023 we opened the doors to our second location in Penfield, NY. Our goal with the new space is to create a "one stop shop" that offers the full spectrum of physical wellness for our patients - new and established. With this larger space, we are now able to offer Yoga Therapy, group fitness classes, and infrared saunas and cold plunge! 

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