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meditation classes


Guided Meditation

30 Minutes - $12

Meditation is a practice of focusing your attention on a single point of awareness. Styles include visualization, mantra, breath, devotion, prayer/intentionality and mindfulness. Meditation has many benefits and is a wonderful tool to help deepen your yoga practice. This is a guided group open to students of all levels. If you are new to meditation, we recommend trying our “Intro to Meditation” class before joining guided meditation.

Yoga and Meditation Low Intensity

60 Minutes - $20

Yoga and meditation is a class that begins with movement, supporting the body and mind in slowing down as we move towards stillness. This class ends with a guided meditation making it a great way to end a busy day or even for those looking for some movement with relaxation. Open to students of all levels.

Alyssa M.

Yoga and Meditation - Thursday at 7:15 am

Guided Meditation - Friday at 6:15 pm

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