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Beginner's Series Low Intensity

60 Minutes - $80 for 4 sessions

This is a 4 week series in which the student will participate in one session each week - currently offered on Monday & Tuesday mornings and Friday evenings. Students will be enrolled in all 4 classes at the time of sign up and will be committed to the day and time they choose for the duration of the 4 weeks. The Beginner’s Series is great for anyone new to the practice of yoga – or those who just want to get back to the basics! This 60-minute class will guide you through foundational postures and encourage mind-body connection to support a continued practice beyond this series.

Monday at 7:45 am

Friday at 5 pm

Gentle Yoga Low Intensity

60 Minutes - $20

A more gentle style of an active yoga class, gentle yoga is done at a slower pace with less intense postures. More time is dedicated to warming postures, seated poses, and postures that stretch the body rather than strengthen. This class is great for those looking for a low-impact practice and is open to students of all levels.

Tuesday at 9:45 am

Thursday at 3 pm

Friday at 9:45 am

Sunday at 3 pm

Vinyasa High/Moderate Intensity

Unheated 60 Minutes - $20

Heated 75 Minutes - $20

Vinyasa involves moving quickly from one pose to the next in a flow. As you move through postures and sequences at a faster pace, you increase your heart rate and work up a sweat! Vinyasa can help increase flexibility, strength, stability, calmness, and focus.


Sunday at 9 am

Tuesday at 5:30 pm

Active - Hatha Moderate Intensity

60 Minutes - $20

Hatha is a non-flow class that focuses on linking movement with breath at a slower pace than traditional vinyasa. More time is dedicated to each pose to build body-breath awareness. Open to students at all levels; this is a wonderful class to try after the beginner’s series.

Monday at 1 pm

Tuesday at 4:15 pm

Yoga & Meditation Low Intensity

60 Minutes - $20

Yoga and meditation is a class that begins with movement, supporting the body and mind in slowing down as we move towards stillness. This class ends with a guided meditation making it a great way to end a busy day or even for those looking for some movement with relaxation. Open to students of all levels.

Thursday at 7:15 am

Alex B.

Vinyasa (Heated/Non Heated)

Alyssa M.

Beginner's Series

Gentle Yoga


Yoga Snacks

Yoga & Meditation

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